How To Be Friends With Someone Who’s Depressed

In our overly connected society, we may often confuse connectivity with connection, human connection that is. Commenting, texting, reposting, and retweeting have become substitutes for communication and we often erroneously use these to gauge the status of a relationship. That can be dangerous, because the truth is, so much gets overlooked when scrolling through our feeds. Sometimes it’s either way too apparent that a friend is suffering from depression or anxiety[i] and we are quick to catalogue them as “dark”. Other times, our friends become experts at curating their lives to showcase a surreal perfection, and the easiest thing is for us to believe that they are alright.

So, you notice your friend is feeling the blues, the reds, and every color in between. What can you do if you suspect a close friend may be experiencing symptoms of depression or anxiety?

How To Be Friends With Someone Who's Depressed

How to Forgive Yourself From The Heart

What is the first mistake you ever made?

For this blog post I tried to think of the earliest memory I have of making a mistake. It was nearly impossible and not because I never made mistakes. Being the runt of my siblings made me not only the most annoying of the three, but also the most likely to piss my brother off. Still, today I couldn’t remember the bloopers of my childhood, those mistakes were just too minimal to register. Don’t you just wish you could go back in time to when the biggest mistake you ever made was recording over your sister’s favorite 90s mix-tape?

Forgive Yourself

Inspirational Women in Their Thirties | Golda N. Wasimin

We all have one thing about ourselves that we fixate on. The one thing that, like a blemish on our soul, makes us feel incapable, unworthy, and ashamed. When you’re in complete silence, alone with your thoughts, what does your mind say to you? Does it accuse you of not being beautiful, successful, or intelligent enough?

Inspirational Women in Their Thirties | Courtney Einhorn


IMG_7563While I have always loved writing, I must admit I lived for three decades afraid to pursue it with any real purpose. In fact, I vividly remember being in High School and publishing my writing in a zine (because that’s what you did in the ‘00s) under a pseudonym because I was afraid of what my peers would think. It is only now, in my thirties, that I am learning to be less haphazard and more fully invested in this craft that I love.

Does that ever happen to you? Do you ever look at your future and see a blank canvas staring back at you? Does that inspire excitement or fear?

For Miami local, Courtney Einhorn, there is so much possibility in a blank canvas, and very little room for fear. By now, you may know that I am completely obsessed with street art. So I knew Courtney’s art long before I ever met her. She is the artist of this parking meter situated in front of The Wynwood Building.  However, the concept of “live painting”, what Courtney has become known for, was completely foreign to me until I met her in person at an art event I was covering.

Toss Those Bad Work Habits

Declutter your DeskWhat’s worse than being called to the principal’s office? Being an adult and getting called in to your boss’ office to receive a sub-par review of your work ethic. Now, much like religion, work ethic is a belief system of choice and a personal one at that. That’s not to say that you can just attribute your bad habits to being a matter of personality, and continue behaving in the same patterns that got you called in to the principal’s office to begin with.

I have partnered with Belen of A Hint of Life, as part of the Spring Clean Your Life series to discuss how to toss a bad work ethic when you’ve made a mess of things at the office.

Spring Clean Your Life

SunflowerThe heat index hits a record high for the third consecutive day, the humidity brings out the natural in your hair, and you are convinced you’ve never felt this in love before in your life. It’s officially spring in Miami and I know exactly what you need- to spring clean your life.

Growing up my sister and I shared a massive closet. When we felt our stress levels at record highs, usually around this time of year, we would take every item out of the closet and make piles that covered every inch of space of our bedroom floor. We would sift through and determine what to donate, keep, and trash. Meanwhile, we would talk and work out the feelings we’d been hoarding in our hearts and minds as well. Three hours later, we’d end up with a clean closet, a clean mind, and resolved to achieve most anything.

So, today, I invite you to be my sister; let’s sift through our feelings and organize our lives together:

Dysfunctional Dinners

 ID 52024121 © Everett Collection Inc. | I get the call and immediately know the direction my day is headed. The call explaining that I have been designated the point of contact on a family member’s dossier because he has been summoned to court and has yet to appear. Immediately, I am taken back to the days I wore sparkly dresses in which I could twirl and patent leather shoes that were scuffed and too tight. I am taken back to the times we all fit around a dinner table in a house that couldn’t fit our dreams. The days my mother could throw a handful of flour and some water in a bowl but could never make the formula pliable; it was either too thick or too thin but it would never hold.