Dating the Introvert I Married | Lincoln Date Night

Stop and think for a moment, to what extent have you been conditioned to value loud and in-your face vs. quiet subtly? Society would have us believe that arrogance equals power and that quiet voices are a sign of weakness. I must admit, in the past I may have been partial to these views because as an extrovert they often excuse my misbehavior. Even harder to admit, at times I may have allowed these to seep into my relationship. Having married an introvert, it has taken me years to understand my husband as “the introvert”. It isn’t until now, in our thirties, that I have started learning to value our differences. Which is why as a brand, Lincoln’s “Quiet Luxury” has always appealed to me. I like the idea that power can exist in the absence of arrogance. In fact, Lincoln seems to understand my husband a bit better than I did. So, I arranged for a date night sponsored and inspired by Lincoln Motor Company’s theme of quiet luxury. I placed myself in the mindset of an introvert and planned our date with these 5 buffers in mind:

Reassess Your Relationships

Life Quote

You may have set out with a lot of goals for yourself this year, only to find that you haven’t achieved most of them and you’re at a loss for what to do. I found inspiration in the saying “when things aren’t adding up in your life, start subtracting”. Now, if my math is correct, we’re two seasons into the year. Clearly, dire circumstances call for extreme measures, and we need to start handing out pink slips now.

Show Love Every Day

Love Locks Brooklyn Bridge

I have always considered myself to be a romantic. An overly idealistic romantic with expectations that would rival any love story à la Nicholas Sparks. Adele’s When We Were Young comes on the radio while I am driving and it’s as if the world stops. I am immediately transported into a dream world full of meet cutes and tragic love affairs.

In spite of my overly romanticized views of love, I have always felt that falling in love is a continuous action. One that should continue to happen in small ways every single day. See, grand gestures will conquer the heart, but smaller gestures are the ones that nurture the love. So, for a change, I will challenge you to think of ways you can show love every single day. For a little assistance, I have compiled a list of some ways I love to feel loved every day:

Dysfunctional Dinners

 ID 52024121 © Everett Collection Inc. | I get the call and immediately know the direction my day is headed. The call explaining that I have been designated the point of contact on a family member’s dossier because he has been summoned to court and has yet to appear. Immediately, I am taken back to the days I wore sparkly dresses in which I could twirl and patent leather shoes that were scuffed and too tight. I am taken back to the times we all fit around a dinner table in a house that couldn’t fit our dreams. The days my mother could throw a handful of flour and some water in a bowl but could never make the formula pliable; it was either too thick or too thin but it would never hold.