Dating the Introvert I Married | Lincoln Date Night

Stop and think for a moment, to what extent have you been conditioned to value loud and in-your face vs. quiet subtly? Society would have us believe that arrogance equals power and that quiet voices are a sign of weakness. I must admit, in the past I may have been partial to these views because as an extrovert they often excuse my misbehavior. Even harder to admit, at times I may have allowed these to seep into my relationship. Having married an introvert, it has taken me years to understand my husband as “the introvert”. It isn’t until now, in our thirties, that I have started learning to value our differences. Which is why as a brand, Lincoln’s “Quiet Luxury” has always appealed to me. I like the idea that power can exist in the absence of arrogance. In fact, Lincoln seems to understand my husband a bit better than I did. So, I arranged for a date night sponsored and inspired by Lincoln Motor Company’s theme of quiet luxury. I placed myself in the mindset of an introvert and planned our date with these 5 buffers in mind:

2017 Lincoln MKZ

Disclosure: Although I was invited by Lincoln Motor Company to experience this Lincoln Day of Discovery and given the car for the day, all opinions come from the bottom of my tiny blogging heart.

Whether it’s my schedule or my thoughts, I am always racing. In Miami, living slowly is a catchphrase that’s easily thrown around yet difficult to live by. The days feel shorter and I always find myself wishing I had more time. Except, of course, during rush hour on any given day. That’s when time completely stops and I can almost watch myself age in the rear-view mirror. Few things are as stressful as being caught in Miami traffic. One of my main goals in 2016 has been to achieve tranquility in the moments I need it the most, but truth be told, that is easier written than done. That is why when, halfway through the year, Lincoln Motor Company offered me a day of “quiet luxury”, I simply couldn’t resist the opportunity to hit the reset button and try again. The itinerary was full of all the things I love about Miami; good food, gorgeous views, and great venues.

Lincoln MKZ 2017