Detox Tips

Whether it’s complex carbs or a complex relationship, we all have at least one unhealthy habit we want or should detox from. ­­The problem is, we become addicted when our emotions are involved, and it is therefore much harder to let go. It doesn’t matter if the thing you want to give up is as ugly as biting your nails or as appealing as calling your ex, it is something felt so deep in your body and soul you can’t simply quit just because you are aware with all reason that it is wrong for you. It takes a lot more effort and intent than that.

How To Avoid Social Suicide

I was 13 years old when the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal caused the impeachment of her husband, President Clinton, in 1998. I was just a teenager who did not fully understand the magnitude of what spousal betrayal and utter humiliation entailed. Still, I remember being in complete awe of Hillary Clinton and her decision to stay. The older I become, the more I admire her resilience. The latest of her public debacles is the court-ordered release of another batch of emails from Hillary’s private email server. Analysts nationwide have spent the past week thoroughly reading and scrutinizing tens of thousands of pages worth of emails Hillary probably never thought twice about sending. Some analysts have made predictions about what this might do to her presidential campaign, while others have used the emails to turn Hillary into the punchline of some very sour jokes. Let’s face it, warm socks and not knowing how to use a fax machine can be funny.

Impostor Syndrome

IMG_20150615_215323Meeting Judy Blume fulfills goals I did not know I had for myself, my ten year old self. And, somehow, it seems the adult in me needed to hear what she had to say even more.

On Turning Thirty…

#30before30 #bucketlist Have you ever been driving for so long that you start to tune out your surroundings? Maybe fatigue, monotony, and boredom have settled in as your mind maunders in thoughts of the past or the future. You completely ignore your present while you are propelled forward by inertia and through no motivation of your own. Then, abruptly, without realizing the subtle swerve you just maneuvered, the rumble strips shock you into alertness. Suddenly, your heart rate has shot up, your mind refocuses, and you are immediately filled with dread of what might have happened had it not been for those uncomfortable bumps on the emergency lane. You’re awake now and, the question is, for how long?