My First Year Blogging

Interestingly, the person who taught me to read was not a teacher, it was my mother. To motivate me, she promised she’d throw me a reading party when I was able to read my first paragraph. Her logic was, I needed to be able to read the writing on the cake. So, we practiced syallabic patterns every day, because that’s how you learn to read in Spanish, until I was ready to combine them and make words, and then we read sentences. Finally, the day of my party arrived. My mother invited everyone we knew to a park. There, she presented me with a huge sheet cake that read “Felicidades”. That day, my mother taught me that important milestones are to be celebrated.

The Liebster Award

Liebster AwardYou guys, I am officially the recipient of a Liebster Award!!!

What is a Liebster Award, you ask? I had absolutely no idea what it was either, so I’ll go with what I was told. Liebster Awards are an online recognition given to bloggers by other bloggers.