SunflowerThe heat index hits a record high for the third consecutive day, the humidity brings out the natural in your hair, and you are convinced you’ve never felt this in love before in your life. It’s officially spring in Miami and I know exactly what you need- to spring clean your life.

Growing up my sister and I shared a massive closet. When we felt our stress levels at record highs, usually around this time of year, we would take every item out of the closet and make piles that covered every inch of space of our bedroom floor. We would sift through and determine what to donate, keep, and trash. Meanwhile, we would talk and work out the feelings we’d been hoarding in our hearts and minds as well. Three hours later, we’d end up with a clean closet, a clean mind, and resolved to achieve most anything.

So, today, I invite you to be my sister; let’s sift through our feelings and organize our lives together:

Spirit: Most people think of ‘Spring Cleaning’ in terms of material things; what they can change in their home or in their physical appearance. While those things are important, it is far more important that you take care of yourself spiritually. As with most things, it helps to look at the excess in your life and ask “is this helping or hindering my happiness?” Like last year’s bathroom décor, you may find yourself stale and stagnant. So find ways to freshen up this aspect of your life by lightening the load in other areas. This will leave time and space within yourself for meditation, study, and introspection. Those three things combined can lead to becoming more fruitful than a mango tree in May.

Spring advice

Relationships: Like an old dress, while beautiful, a relationship can reach its expiration date. So if you find that a friend or lover is more toxic than fulfilling, find ways to cut ties and make room for something better. The older I get, the more I learn to value quality over quantity. It is amazing how an expensive designer dress will outlive even the cutest of the cheaper ones. The same thing applies in relationships. Take a look at the five people you text most throughout the day, are they the kind of people you want around you when you’re in your 40s, 50s, 60s? If not, it is time to let go. Like a tree that bears no fruit, sometimes it’s best to cut it down and start anew.

Careers: We hardly stop to think about our career goals because once you’re carrying it out, there isn’t really an end date in sight. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t stop every now and then and evaluate yourself. Recently, I received a harsh wake-up call about my habits and ethics (more on that in a future post). I realized it was time to evaluate my career goals, shave off some extra time from my routine to refocus my time and work on getting back on track. For me, this took scheduling my time to the minute and learning to turn off distractions. Enter two very useful productivity tools: Cold Turkey  and Writer’s Block Pro. Creating a balance between work, passion, family, and spirituality takes time and effort.

Reassess goals

My sister and I no longer share a closet, and the spring cleaning of life can take more than three hours. But a quarter of the year has already passed, it’s time to revisit those resolutions and goals we set for ourselves in January and ask ourselves how much we’ve truly progressed. It is a good time to stop, reassess, and readdress your goals and what you are doing to achieve them. Toss the excess, keep only the worthy, and find ways to donate the best of yourself to those who need it.

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