On Turning Thirty…

#30before30 #bucketlist Have you ever been driving for so long that you start to tune out your surroundings? Maybe fatigue, monotony, and boredom have settled in as your mind maunders in thoughts of the past or the future. You completely ignore your present while you are propelled forward by inertia and through no motivation of your own. Then, abruptly, without realizing the subtle swerve you just maneuvered, the rumble strips shock you into alertness. Suddenly, your heart rate has shot up, your mind refocuses, and you are immediately filled with dread of what might have happened had it not been for those uncomfortable bumps on the emergency lane. You’re awake now and, the question is, for how long?

What do your nails say about you?

Vanity NailsEven before arriving at Vanity Projects, I was already feeling the pressure of writing this post; pressure which manifested itself in the form of worry, anxiety, and fear; three emotional states which have become synonymous with me in the past year.  I knew for my first blog post I had to choose something that felt as though it represented Miami, while at the same time, it had to be a project that resonated with me personally. So, I chose Vanity Projects to write about for a simple reason: any friend of poetry is a friend of mine. Their involvement at O, Miami’s annual month-long poetry festival inspired me to think about art in a new way. I never thought to unite art with vanity. In this case, uniting the written word with aesthetic vanity would never have appealed to me because in the past that had seemed so, well…vain.