Stop and think for a moment, to what extent have you been conditioned to value loud and in-your face vs. quiet subtly? Society would have us believe that arrogance equals power and that quiet voices are a sign of weakness. I must admit, in the past I may have been partial to these views because as an extrovert they often excuse my misbehavior. Even harder to admit, at times I may have allowed these to seep into my relationship. Having married an introvert, it has taken me years to understand my husband as “the introvert”. It isn’t until now, in our thirties, that I have started learning to value our differences. Which is why as a brand, Lincoln’s “Quiet Luxury” has always appealed to me. I like the idea that power can exist in the absence of arrogance. In fact, Lincoln seems to understand my husband a bit better than I did. So, I arranged for a date night sponsored and inspired by Lincoln Motor Company’s theme of quiet luxury. I placed myself in the mindset of an introvert and planned our date with these 5 buffers in mind:

  • Connection to Nature

  • Opportunity for Quiet

  • Opportunity for Conversation

  • Small Crowds

  • Music

We started our date night by beating the traffic and watching the sun set over Key Biscayne in a new Lincoln MKX Black Label. It may sound odd to test drive a car by keeping it parked but you see, Lincoln exclusively offers Revel® premium audio in its luxury vehicles, which makes it perfect for just sitting and listening to music with a romantic view. In this case, we set the audio to audience mode and as we watched the sun’s fading rays filtering through Miami’s skyline making it glisten against the pink sky, all the sounds of the music were filtered directly for us. Able to drown out the sounds of the city’s traffic, and watching as the ocean sparkled in response to the sunset, we enjoyed each other’s company without having to say too many words.

With the seats of the MKX contouring to our individual shapes and massaging us through traffic, we headed to the second part of our date. Our second stop was MusiMelange’s La Belle Epoque event, a unique culinary and musical experience in Wynwood.  Melanger is French for mix and the evening was the perfect blend of the senses. It included unique pairings of gourmet bites prepared by a Michelin Star Chef with the sophisticated repertoire of a harpist, violinist, flutist and ended with delectable mignardises (desserts). Usually, it is within small intimate crowds such as these that I see my husband extend the boundaries of his introverted spectrum and he truly shines. I always admire his ability to come in and out of his shell without feeling the need to expose everything at all times the way I do.

Have you ever heard the quote “sometimes, silence is the language of love”? I’ve always loved it and found it to be so profound that love could exist without words. At the same time, a love so sublime always seemed so out of reach. I am learning, though, that love is as much about knowing when to speak as it is about knowing when not to.  Now, I’m striving to learn to love with less words and in a less complicated way. I can’t help but wonder if that will be the ultimate meeting halfway; we will crossover into the world of ambiverts and travel in and out of our boundaries for and with each other every time.

“Sometimes, silence is the language of Love.”

My Favorite Features of the Lincoln MKX:

  • Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection; the car makes a loud sound when it detects a possible collision.
  • Auto Hold feature; perfect for Miami’s traffic, auto hold means you don’t have to constantly press on the brakes when in traffic.
  • The 360-degree camera and park assist; yes, it parks itself!
  • The Revel® premium audio because you want to enjoy music without any distortions.
  • The seats that contour to fit you and then massage your back and bum!

Disclosure: Although our date was sponsored and inspired by Lincoln Motor Company and I was given the Lincoln MKX for the date, all opinions come from the bottom of my tiny blogging heart. ❤️️

Sources: The Lincoln Motor Company; Musimelange

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