Dear Reader,

Hello, old friend, it’s been a while. It’s been over a year, in fact. I have not written to you since my travel stories from Cuba and even then, my blogging was sporadic at best. Why? I ask myself that question every day. I think my failure to write has been part distraction and part denial. Keep reading as I attempt to explain what’s gone down in the past year and a half.

First, there’s something you should know about me: I box. I’m a habitual, almost addictive, boxer. And by that, I mean I love keeping things in neat boxes! I have small boxes for little things like buttons and pennies and bigger boxes for the things I can’t seem to let go of like all the size 8 clothes I outgrew in 2016. In my kitchen cupboard, the spice bottles are placed in threes, inside Ziploc bags, inside transparent plastic boxes. Inside my purses, boxes aren’t very feasible. So, I have bags. A red bag I keep tampons and liners in. A clear bag with over-the-counter allergy medicine, pain medicine, and band aids for just in case. A fabric bag where I keep my aligners, toothpaste, and floss in. The most important bag within my bag is the one where I keep the pens in, always a minimum of three colored ones. In my office, I have jars. A mason jar for paperclips, another for magnets, another for rolls of tape.  I keep post-its and stickers in 5” x 8” sheet protectors – organized inside a mini-binder. I own (and use) 2 planners. Still, all my events are entered in my Google calendar, color coded, and synced to my phone. Notifications always on.

I’d be downplaying it if I simply said I like having things in my life neatly compartmentalized. It turns out I have been compartmentalizing my self too.

Online, I was safe keeping all my personal writing on the A Girl in Her Thirties website. For years, I shared raw confessional memoir essays and advice on this website. I gave you pep-talks and tried to share the lessons I was learning. When I felt inspired, I shared my travel stories to illustrate how finding yourself in your thirties can mean losing yourself in unknown places. That was one compartment, the other being social media. I’ve been sharing about my mental health and self-care practices on Instagram and even tweeting the occasional poem or quote.

And, let me tell you – it all just got to be so overwhelming! Often, I felt as though I was watching myself drown – like if I was in a dream sequence I couldn’t wake from.

All photos by VNZ Photos 

You don’t know this about me, but this happens to me at home too sometimes. Every now and then, things come out of their boxes and I just let everything lie freely any which way in a completely beautiful mess. And for days I can oversleep while they do because, to be honest, boxing everything up is exhausting! I’ve come to the realization – it’s time to take my self – all the pieces of me – out of these boxes and create a beautiful mess for the world to see.

Two of my passions are Education and Self-Expression and it’s no wonder since I am both an educator and a writer. By now you know my favorite form of “Self-Expression” is writing. I’ve started loving photography and travel more and more too. And I find that expressing myself through these avenues- writing, travel, the occasional photo – in doing that, I take care of myself, nurture my creative soul, and keep my mental-health a priority. It turns out – I may be the vessel, the “box”, in which all these passions live best.

“It turns out – I may be the vessel, the box, in which all these passions live best.”

If so- it’s time to let it all co-exist. It’s time to evolve from an anonymous girl just blogging about events and life at thirty to include the woman, the educator, the aunt, the traveler, the novice photographer, the writer who admittedly sometimes gets carried away sharing on social media especially while she’s wandering the streets of a random new city.

If you have followed my journey throughout these past three and a half years, or even if this is your first day reading my writing, there may be questions you’re asking: “Wait, you’re a teacher?” “What are your students like?” “What’s your teaching style?” “How do you find the time for it all?” “How do you work full-time but still get to travel three or more times a year?” “How do you continue putting yourself out there despite living with symptoms of anxiety and depression?” I promise we’ll get to it all. But not in a compartmentalized way. Rather, in a space I can own in a way that is freeing.

To that end, after today, this website will no longer be updated. It will remain an archive of everything I was feeling and thinking when I first turned thirty. It will live as documentation of how feeling lost and confused can lead to incredible writing and even catharsis.

All photos by VNZ Photos 

You will still be able to find me – all of me – on my professional website . But you’ll find so much more. You will have access to the teaching platforms and resources I use, the lessons I plan, and my opinions on education. Of course, I will always be a memoir writer, so you will still find short essays about me and the memories from my childhood. I hope you’ll continue to follow my all-encompassing journey as I continue to evolve as a human.

With love,

Lia Seirotti


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  1. “Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be.” Robert Browning

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