#Let’sGetUgly | Vixen Workout Review

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Last month for 60 minutes, a room full of women became hunger posing, kitten stretching, vixens. If it sounds ugly, that was our intention. As part of the new “Let’s Get Ugly” campaign, Propel Electrolyte Water teamed up with the city’s hottest DJs, fitness studios, & instructors to perfectly curate three days of workouts in Miami as part of this summer’s Propel Co:Labs. So, what does it mean to “Get Ugly”? The term refers to the post-workout grit one feels after a particularly challenging routine. It’s embodies the feeling after a workout session that was so intense you finish head-to-toe drenched in sweat, feeling the need to lie down, while at the same time adrenaline and endorphins are running through you.

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Dating the Introvert I Married | Lincoln Date Night

Stop and think for a moment, to what extent have you been conditioned to value loud and in-your face vs. quiet subtly? Society would have us believe that arrogance equals power and that quiet voices are a sign of weakness. I must admit, in the past I may have been partial to these views because as an extrovert they often excuse my misbehavior. Even harder to admit, at times I may have allowed these to seep into my relationship. Having married an introvert, it has taken me years to understand my husband as “the introvert”. It isn’t until now, in our thirties, that I have started learning to value our differences. Which is why as a brand, Lincoln’s “Quiet Luxury” has always appealed to me. I like the idea that power can exist in the absence of arrogance. In fact, Lincoln seems to understand my husband a bit better than I did. So, I arranged for a date night sponsored and inspired by Lincoln Motor Company’s theme of quiet luxury. I placed myself in the mindset of an introvert and planned our date with these 5 buffers in mind:

7 Hacks For the Perfect Road Trip

Long weekends are perfect for taking a road trip, so I have partnered with Blitzify[i] to bring you 7 hacks for the perfect road trip. Going on a road trip has its pros and cons. Pros, you’re going on an awesome adventure; cons, it can be costly. Here are some hacks you can try to balance those pros and cons to reach vacation bliss this long weekend.

7 Hacks for the Perfect Road Trip

A Better Backhand Will Build Boldness and Boost Your Confidence

Disclosure: Although this blog post is sponsored by PlayYourCourt, all opinions come from the bottom of my blogging heart.

Tennis Lesson Confidence

There is so much buzz surrounding Serena Williams this month, who, besides being a woman in her thirties, is now the No. 2 ranked woman tennis player in the world. Watching her, I realized that losing a game does not equate losing your boldness or your confidence. Lately, I’ve been so weighed down with anxiety, fearing future outcomes, and doubting every move that I make. But, I wanted that; to feel bold and confident, so that no matter what comes my way I can grunt at life the way Serena does on the court.

Want to Experience Miami’s Cuban American Culture? Take A Food Tour

Miami Food Tour

I have always felt that one of the truest forms of culture lies in its cuisine. Food is the universal language through which we are all connected. You can tell a lot about a country’s suffering, survival, and adaption from the dishes they prepare. And while I feel I may never master salsa dancing or speak Spanish any other way than the way I know how, I know I can eat. I can taste almost any meal with an open heart and an open mind. That is why I recommend that anytime you are trying to learn about a new culture in a new place, you take a culinary tour.

Chasing this very perspective, I went on Miami Culinary Tours’ Little Havana Tour which is a walking tour of historic Calle Ocho in the predominantly Cuban Little Havana neighborhood of Miami. I wasn’t wrong in my assessments of the unifying power of food. Tourists from Los Angeles, honeymooners from Belgium, and foodies from Denver, all converged with the same purpose: to glean as much perspective as possible from this vibrant and unique Miamian subculture.

Unique Staycation on Miami’s Biscayne Bay



It’s that ugly word no one likes to take ownership of. It can conjure up irrational feelings of jealousy, delusions, and paranoia. Anxiety can show up unannounced and uninvited. And while there are many ways to soothe your chest of the pain and settle your heart’s frantic beating, does the anxiety ever really go away? That is the frame of mind I was in last week. I was feeling a little less than inspired and bogged down in anxious thoughts.

Do you ever feel weighed down by your day-to-day responsibilities, worries, and fears?

2017 Lincoln MKZ

Disclosure: Although I was invited by Lincoln Motor Company to experience this Lincoln Day of Discovery and given the car for the day, all opinions come from the bottom of my tiny blogging heart.

Whether it’s my schedule or my thoughts, I am always racing. In Miami, living slowly is a catchphrase that’s easily thrown around yet difficult to live by. The days feel shorter and I always find myself wishing I had more time. Except, of course, during rush hour on any given day. That’s when time completely stops and I can almost watch myself age in the rear-view mirror. Few things are as stressful as being caught in Miami traffic. One of my main goals in 2016 has been to achieve tranquility in the moments I need it the most, but truth be told, that is easier written than done. That is why when, halfway through the year, Lincoln Motor Company offered me a day of “quiet luxury”, I simply couldn’t resist the opportunity to hit the reset button and try again. The itinerary was full of all the things I love about Miami; good food, gorgeous views, and great venues.

Lincoln MKZ 2017

Sustainable Miami

One of the things I miss the most about my previous job, besides the smell of freshly sharpened pencils, is teaching science. I used to absolutely love exposing children to rotting plants and going off on tangents about how we needed to find ways to live sustainably. You would be surprised how many 4th graders in the inner-city had never planted their own seeds. Surprisingly, since I began exploring Miami more deeply, I have found that we are emerging as a sustainable city. If you don’t believe me, let me tell you about three amazing projects happening right now in some of the most unexpected places.

The Youth Fair

The Youth Fair MiamiWhen you’re in your thirties and mid-existential crisis, every day feels like going through adrenaline withdrawals and every moment feels like you’re seeking your next fix. And that’s because there is nothing like a near-death experience to make you feel alive. Fear is the reminder that you’re at the mercy of the things that occur to you, and your only control is the way you choose to experience them. When your addiction to feeling alive makes you a junkie, then you must know there’s an endless supply available at The Miami-Dade County Youth Fair[i].

Food Tour Miami

I love a good story, especially when that story comes with the disclaimer “based on real events”, that is the butter on the popcorn.

Enter Faruk Bishevac of Food Tours in Miami, a true Miami researcher and semi-historian in his own right. Armed with old photographs of Miami Beach, connections to the yummiest local spots, and enough knowledge of South Beach’s History to stump even the nosiest busybody most curious tourist, Faruk walked us through the Art Deco lined streets and truly lectured on this food tour. Taking breaks in between multi-cultural meals and clever photo ops, we ended up tasting foods from four different countries which have influenced Miami’s cuisine at five of South Beach’s best restaurants.

Here were my top five moments on the tour: