How Not to Quit Teaching

dreamstime_xl_40341016With all the buzz surrounding back to school activities this week, I have to be honest and say that there is a certain nostalgia felt in the month of August when one is no longer a teacher. True, there are things that will never be missed. For example, the muscle pain that invades your body after the first day of teaching Kindergarten, a pain that can rival fibromyalgia. Nor will I miss parents grunting below their breaths knowing full well a teacher is walking behind them, “why do teachers need so many supplies, this stuff is so expensive!” The debate that follows in your mind, “should I turn around and explain that the education system does not account for the price it costs to make my classroom functional and their child motivated, and because I am neither provided with the resources nor the salary to be able to afford it, I have to begrudgingly ask parents for it? Or, should I smile and nod?” I will not miss the fact that since it is the first day, I just smile and nod, and feel like a smaller lesser human being for it. That, I will not miss.

Impostor Syndrome

IMG_20150615_215323Meeting Judy Blume fulfills goals I did not know I had for myself, my ten year old self. And, somehow, it seems the adult in me needed to hear what she had to say even more.